Buffalo Chicken Soup

Buffalo Chicken Soup

Look! I’ve finally managed to combine my love of Buffalo wings with my love of homemade soup! And it was… pretty good! I’m trying to come up with a solution to the oiliness that mars the soup’s texture, between the oil from the veg and the oil released from the cheese. Aside from “dip bread in the soup to sop up the oil, and then eat delicious bread.” Which works! And well! Just not entirely ideal.

This is a good broth-based soup that my spice-enjoying roommate liked quite a bit. It’s relatively quick to make, and faster if you have leftover chicken — I didn’t this week, so I marinated some in wing sauce and cooked it up alongside my soup pot to add when called for. That works fine, too. Though there were leftovers, this is a pretty sizable pot of soup for two people.

Buffalo Chicken Soup, adapted from Tasty Kitchen

2 c. cooked chicken OR 2 chicken breasts marinated in Frank’s Red Hot (or your favorite wing sauce), cubed, and cooked in a frying pan
1/2 c. orzo
2 tsp. oil
1 onion, diced
1 carrot, diced
1 stalk celery, diced
3 cloves garlic, minced
2 tsp. ranch dressing mix
4 c. low-sodium chicken broth
2/3 c. Frank’s Red Hot
4 oz. cheddar cheese, grated
4 oz. Parmesan cheese, grated
blue cheese crumbles to taste

Cook the orzo for half the time instructed on the package. Drain and set aside.

Heat the oil over medium heat in a large Dutch oven. Add the onion, carrot, celery and garlic; season. Cook for 10-12 minutes or until things are nice and soft. Add the ranch dressing mix and stir it around, getting everything nice and coated. Stir in the chicken broth, Frank’s, cheddar and Parmesan. Let that come to a boil and drop it back to a simmer, and let it go for 15-20 minutes until the cheese is melty and integrated. Add the chicken and the orzo and simmer for 5-10 more minutes, until the orzo is done and the chicken is warmed through.

Serve with blue cheese crumbles.


~ by iliadawry on 24 June 2013.

2 Responses to “Buffalo Chicken Soup”

  1. I love the taste of buffalo chicken with bleu cheese and it sounds really good as a soup. You could also add shredded chicken to it so every bite gets some chicken… would cornstarch thicken it to get rid of the oily-ness?

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