Green Beans with Compound Butter

They’re not very complicated, but they sure are tasty, and hey, they got my roommate eating vegetables. That’s sort of a miracle! He’s not usually a fan. Except of bell peppers. Which I can’t stand. At all. Even a little. I wish I could! They’re so pretty, and in pretty much everything, but… yuck.

Anyway! Frozen green beans and compound butter from the roasted chicken breasts make these kind of a snap to prepare. I almost felt bad, you know? But sometimes it’s nice to get dinner on the table without much fuss. You can use any kind of compound butter you want, though. Green beans are pretty forgiving!

Green Beans with Compound Butter, inspired by Tasneem at

8 oz. frozen cut green beans
3 Tbsp. compound butter
1 clove garlic, minced finely or grated
salt and pepper to taste

Put the green beans, still frozen, into a saucepan; season with salt and dump the butter and garlic in there too. Put a lid on and turn the heat to medium, letting them steam in the melted ice until they’re almost as tender as you want them, 3-7 minutes. Pull off the lid and turn up the heat to evaporate the water and add a little caramelization, cooking for about three more minutes and stirring frequently. Serve!


~ by iliadawry on 4 October 2012.

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