Caramelized Corn

This is an excellent way to use up all that corn that’s so cheap this time of year — and it shows off the ripeness perfectly. It’s richly flavored and complex, too, from the broth — really lovely all around. It’s also a recipe that begs to be riffed on; a bit of lime juice and hot sauce and a touch of chili powder would make a delicious Mexican-style corn (particularly with a sprinkling of cheese), or whatever else you like, really. I had four ears for two people as a side, and this got polished off with a quickness.

Caramelized Corn, adapted from Tigers and Strawberries

4 ears of corn
2 Tbsp. butter
1 medium onion
2 cloves garlic
1/2-3/4 c. beef broth*
1/4 c. (loose) cilantro
salt and pepper to taste

Shuck and clean the corn, cut the kernels off the cob, and scrape the cob with the back of your knife blade to get the deliciousness out. Set the corn aside and heat the butter over medium heat in a largeish skillet — avoid non-stick. (Yes, I used the wok. Yes, I use it for everything.) Halve and peel the onion, then slice it thinly. When the butter is foaming, add the onion. Salt it aggressively and cook it slowly until it’s a nice deep gold. Stir a lot. Mince or grate the garlic and add it to the pan, cooking for a minute or so until it’s quite fragrant, and then stir in all the corn at once. Drop the heat to medium low and cook, stirring often, until the onion is golden-brown and the corn kernels are starting to caramelize. Taste and add salt and black pepper as needed. Keep cooking until there’s a lot of lovely brown on the bottom of the pan and everything smells deliciously toasty, then add the broth to deglaze; scrape up all the yummy brownness and keep cooking until the broth is evaporated and everything’s all shiny. Chop the cilantro, sprinkle over the top and serve!

*Veggie broth works too. The flavor is different (and I prefer beef), but it’s still very good!


~ by iliadawry on 25 August 2012.

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