August 24-30

•23 August 2014 • Leave a Comment

Sunday: Mexican chicken and potato skillet, salad
Monday: Butter chicken
Tuesday: Linguine Carbonara, garlic bread, salad
Wednesday: English-style scrambled eggs on toast, bacon, fruit salad
Thursday: Pizza
Friday: Fire-roasted knights (the armor is like tin foil!)
Saturday: Out

August 17-23

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Sunday: Parmesan chicken bake, veg
Monday: Saffron butter rice and tart cherry chicken thighs
Tuesday: Tartiflette
Wednesday: Sesame chicken, rice
Thursday: Pizza rolls
Friday: Investigate the edibility of plushies
Saturday: Out!

August 10-16

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Sunday: Jerk chicken casserole
Monday: Potato-leek soup, salad, bread
Tuesday: Bangers & mash, salad
Wednesday: Orange chicken
Thursday: Pizza
Friday: Eat the flesh of the living
Saturday: Out!

August 3-9

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Well, last week’s menu got borked thanks to illness and car troubles. Let’s hope I do better this week. In slightly better news, this means the roast chicken isn’t an immediate repeat.

Sunday: Roast chicken and potatoes
Monday: Sausage, eggplant and tomato pasta
Tuesday: Creamy Chicken Tortilla Soup, cornbread
Wednesday: Slow-cooker BBQ beef, corn
Thursday: Hot dogs a la Rose, chips
Friday: Foraging in complex flowerbed
Saturday: Out

July 6 – August 2

•26 July 2014 • Leave a Comment

I have not disappeared — instead, I traveled to see Cleverly Named Boyfriend, and went on a road trip from there to introduce him to family. I cooked a few meals, but far less than usual. That ends starting this week.

Sunday: Roast chicken and potatoes, kale
Monday: Potato leek soup
Tuesday: Bangers and mash
Wednesday: Baked tilapia with tomatoes, broccoli
Thursday: Pizza
Friday: Mourn the distance between me and Cleverly Named Boyfriend
Saturday: Out!

June 29 – July 5

•28 June 2014 • Leave a Comment

Sunday: Manxy’s Chili, rice or quinoa or something
Monday: Tomato Bisque and grilled cheese sammiches
Tuesday: Pizza
Wednesday: Anime Expo
Thursday: Anime Expo
Friday: Anime Expo
Saturday: Anime Expo

June 22-28

•21 June 2014 • Leave a Comment

Sunday: Rotisserie chicken, yellow rice, kit salad
Monday: Shakshuka
Tuesday: Chinese chicken salad
Wednesday: Ginger chicken with ginger sesame miso sauce, slow-cooked kale with smashed garlic and onions
Thursday: Bacon and egg risotto
Friday: Broasted gnomeflesh
Saturday: Out


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