June 29 – July 5

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Sunday: Manxy’s Chili, rice or quinoa or something
Monday: Tomato Bisque and grilled cheese sammiches
Tuesday: Pizza
Wednesday: Anime Expo
Thursday: Anime Expo
Friday: Anime Expo
Saturday: Anime Expo

June 22-28

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Sunday: Rotisserie chicken, yellow rice, kit salad
Monday: Shakshuka
Tuesday: Chinese chicken salad
Wednesday: Ginger chicken with ginger sesame miso sauce, slow-cooked kale with smashed garlic and onions
Thursday: Bacon and egg risotto
Friday: Broasted gnomeflesh
Saturday: Out

June 15-21

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Sunday: Fiesta Taco Casserole, cornbread
Monday: Meatball sub casserole
Tuesday: Spicy chicken sausage sandwiches, poutine
Wednesday: Greek chicken stew
Thursday: Pizza
Friday: Grilled plushies
Saturday: Out

June 8-14

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Sunday: Cashew chicken, rice
Monday: Citrus chicken thighs, salad
Tuesday: French dips, chips, salad
Wednesday: Indian veggie burgers, curry chickpeas, salad
Thursday: Shakshuka
Friday: Freshly-hunted snipe
Saturday: Out

June 1-7

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Sunday: Stir-fried chicken with ginger and green onions, rice
Monday: Oven-fried buttermilk chicken, zucchini
Tuesday: Pork belly BLTs with fried eggs, chips
Wednesday: Slow and low oven chicken, kale
Thursday: Pizza
Friday: Varied molecules
Saturday: Out

May 25-31

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Sunday: Pot roast, salad
Monday: Tomato pie, salad
Tuesday: Open-faced toasted cheese pot roast sandwiches, salad
Wednesday: Pancetta and caramelized onion quiche (probably without leeks and with ham or bacon)
Thursday: Chorizo-stuffed portabella mushrooms, green beans
Friday: Zombies. Or plants. Whichever looks more appetizing.
Saturday: Out!

May 18-24

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Sunday: Scalloped cheesy potatoes with ham
Monday: Fancy sausage, corn, lima beans, bread
Tuesday: White bean soup, bread
Wednesday: Roasted broccoli soup, bread
Thursday: Pizza
Friday: Beer and mustard
Saturday: Out!


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